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Why The Diabetic patient need test Microalbumin
(The Chronic Kidney Disease Caused by Diabetes)

A microalbumin test checks urine for the presence of a protein called albumin. Albumin is normally found in the blood and filtered by the kidneys. When the kidneys are working properly, albumin is not present in the urine. However, when the kidneys are damaged, small amounts of albumin leak into the urine. This condition is called microalbuminuria.
Microalbuminuria is most often caused by kidney damage from diabetes. However, many other conditions can lead to kidney damage, such as high blood pressure, heart failure, cirrhosis, or systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). If early kidney damage is not treated, larger amounts of albumin and protein may leak into the urine. This condition is called macroalbuminuria or proteinuria. When the kidneys spill protein, it can mean serious kidney damage is present. This can lead to chronic kidney disease. A microalbumin urine test can be done on a sample of urine collected randomly (usually after the first time you urinate in the morning), a sample collected over a 24-hour period, or a sample collected over a specific period of time, such as 4 hours or overnight...

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Heart diseases, including acute myocardial infarction (AMI), are the second leading cause of death all over the world. Among patients with heart diseases, the number of cases of AMI and angina pectoris has increased sharply in recent years: it accounts for 40% of the death caused by heart disease. In fact, AMI is the leading cause of death in the United States: 500,000 people die of AMI each year.
AMI occurs when coronary artery is obstructed by blood clot and fails to supply blood to the heart. This obstruction results in inadequate flow of oxygen-and nutrient-rich blood, and consequently the rapid onset of damage or even death to the portion of the heart muscle. The normal function of heart muscle requires high level of oxygen supply, so even brief interruption of blood flow can cause tissue death.
Several studies worldwide have shown that life-saving therapies are most beneficial in the early course of AMI. According to previous investigation, about 1.1 million Americans encounter AMI annually, of which 50% occasions are fatal. Moreover, approximately 20% of the death occurs before patients can reach the emergency room in hospitals for the treatment. Therefore, early detection and early treatment of AMI have become the most critical and effective steps of lifesaving

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